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Lucas Shackleton Good.  No doubt there will still be What happens on the cruise shirt some illegal back street “therapists” conducting then horrible practice, but at least it will make it harder for families to send their LGBT children to conversion therapy without their consent. Barbara Prescott, I question constantly that we’re living in the 21st century! The prejudice, discrimination, bias, lack of understanding, and general ignorance is archaic and needs to stop! Romario Birambi The sad part is that these camps still exist cause people to still believe they work. So they are still sending their own loved ones there. God created everything. So what if he created your child a bit different than the rest?

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what happens on the cruise shirt
what happens on the cruise shirt
what happens on the cruise shirt
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v-neck t-shirt
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Simon Forster, I see there’s a few of What happens on the cruise shirt you mentioning God on here, as he doesnt exist he doesnt mind gender reassignment at all!  Read the book Boy Erased and you will see how cruel this is. It is still a challenging time around the world for LGBT even in the uk. the conversion therapy is absolutely nothing to compare with the struggles the LGBT community facing every single day; discrimination in the workplace , verbal abuse, domestic violence, harassment, physical abuse … So looking back, the LGBT community struggled a lot in this country and others, now the measured risk in this country for the LGBT community it comes from especially family, community, religious groups …

Lynda Winsor Why dont people let people live their own lives, everyone is equal, no one should be made to be to feel that they have to conform to other people’s views, be who you are and be happy daniel Bakewell Even if it doesn’t work If people have a right to choose to change their gender surely they have the right to choose to change their bias. Leave it up to the individual. If it’s in any way forced on someone, then that should be illegal and it should always start with counseling as to why they have made the choice to ensure it’s not anti LGBT pressure.BBC

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