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Mary Fudge My ex-husband a Scarface signature characters shirt (who is still my best friend) went through this. It caused him deep mental distress and made him suicidal. The impact on our marriage was immense both of us have had years of therapy to correct the damage. It is dangerous and wrong and should be banned. It is still happening today in religious communities in the uk.  Why try to heal anyone that has natural mental disorders, leave them with their madness.  All children

Scarface signature characters shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Scarface  signature characters shirt
Scarface  signature characters shirt
Scarface  signature characters shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Carlos Bartolomé Domínguez The news media is not your friend, it’s your master, it’s there to Scarface signature characters shirt control your thoughts, and the reason you can’t understand this is that you’ve been programmed to OBEY. Tracey Lowry We should stop poking our noses into other people’s lives. If they feel that this is their journey then it’s theirs to travel and not ours to judge. Sarah Bruton Wilson This should never have been a thing. It’s no one else’s business who someone loves. You love who you love. Who cares about their gender! Jen Johnson Wow. There are some ignorant people commenting on this!  Twenty years into the Millenium, and we’re still even discussing this! If only we could convert the deranged ‘practitioners’ to atheism, we could rid the world of so much ignorance. BBC

Those who have a religious bent of any kind, please leave your invisible friend/friends out if this discussion. You can point to your religious texts but ask yourselves, who wrote them? Men did, imposing their values on others. God did not have a secretary or a dictaphone. This practice is evil and goes totally against nature’s intent. Religious beliefs are behind this so-called treatment. So if you’re religious and you believe Godman then God made you LGBT.

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