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Lynne Wilson Amazing range of views! I too hoped she’d get Chris Evans’ slot but she’s actually come off Moes cinco de mayo 2020 shirt better with this, not having to get up at an ungodly hour every day! Love her quick humor and accent.Margaret Singh Like other comments I couldn’t understand why Jo Wiley was brought into the Simon Mayo’s Drive Time, really uncomfortable to listen to. I love both Sarah and Zoe so I can’t wait. Cathy Harrison Won’t be listening anymore, though I had hardly listened since jo w joined Simon. It became very boring. Lesley Buchan Such a waste going to Classic FM. He’ll be a big miss. Pleased Sarah Cox is coming onboard. Not keen on Jo.

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Mark McDermott Sara Cox is a Moes cinco de mayo 2020 shirt very good broadcaster. So is Simon Mayo. I think Sara Cox and Simon Mayo would be excellent together in the drive time show: Sara & Simon show has a good ring about it. Simon Mayo does not deserve to have been put in a position where he felt he had to step down. He was paired with a presenter whose broadcasting style did not fit the drive time slot. Kerry Berrisford That’s me back listening Sara is a great personality and well fitted to this show! Sorry to Simon go, not listened since the token women policy. The fit with Jo did not work, not an expert but I think she was more suited to other shows, I’m all for equality but please, only if you fit the role, do they realize how derogatory these gestures are?

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