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Alan Ziebarth, Many years ago I Laurel and Hardy shirt did community theater with John C Reilly when he was in high school. I was the lead in You Can’t Take It With You, he was G-man #1. (I love to tell that story.) He was a great teen way back when and it’s obvious he’s still the nicest guy in Hollywood. Phil Robinson Well I’m glad that John is in the movie. At least half of it will be funny, obviously, the casting director hated Stan Laurel; what a pity. Stanley Harris Another fine mess you got me into. just because my name’s Stanley. lol, The old ones were the best. (The mad Author)

Laurel and Hardy shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Laurel and Hardy  shirt
Laurel and Hardy  shirt
Laurel and Hardy  shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Sam Psari Back then there was a lot of beauty about Hollywood real beauty now its become botox world with manikins if I spelled that right and fake bravados and reptilians on youtube hahaha thats a killer lol I love itBen Howarth No, Katie, that’s great news – funnily enough, I’ve just been showing off my L&H socks which I happen to be watching! Brixton Doyle That would be welcome. My favorite comedic pairing. Hopefully based on the  Laurel and Hardy shirt  great Simon Loutish bio. The Israeli occupation rejected a request by Médecins sans frontières (Doctors without borders) to untie the journalist prisoner’s Mohammed Alqeeq handcuffs off the hospital bed and allow the doctor to enter. The organization is heading to the Israeli Supreme Court but there is no response!

As a massive fan of the duo and after following them since I was 13, joining societies and all of the above. . . . They better not screw this up. Robert Wright A terrific example of propaganda. Steve Coogan annoyed the Daily Mail and they ordered their readers to hate him. James InnerSanctum Sorry, but as much as I love Steve Coogan, he is shite at American accents! I know Stan Laurel was English, but his voice was unusually American sounding owing to him spending much of his time there. If Coogan does another voice as he did in “Hamlet 2” then this will be awful and it’ll be a huge disappointment.

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