Horse girl and grandpa shirt

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Lois Johnston Great to Horse girl and grandpa shirt see that this exposé has generated such a great response. A tiny step in the right direction. The Melbourne Cup is just a single demonstration of the repugnant greed, vanity, and cruelty of animal racing and the betting industry. Mike Marshall This happens in the U.K. and US so shouldn’t be such a shocking revelation. The whole racing, sport horse breeding industry needs a good overhaul on animal welfare grounds! Mike Wiegmann Money to be made equals abuse.

Horse girl and grandpa shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Horse girl and grandpa shirt
Horse girl and grandpa shirt
Horse girl and grandpa shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Emma Goode How often do we hear of cruelty in abattoirs inflicted by the Horse girl and grandpa shirt dregs of society. Rosalind Marulanda Even at school they used to broadcast the running of the Cup.with all the money you would think they could afford a decent vet to stop such terrible abuse at Abbotsford.yes I hope that the sales are down the VRC has to be answerable to allegations like any other. Horse bread for racing has no other life speed at any cost, magnificent creatures abused. Shame .and what about the trainer charge recently with abuse???Myriam Besso Heinous cruelty in the country where a ‘fair go’ is the catch cry of the nation.

My interest in horse racing which has been one of my favorite sports is dead now. Ann Eynon, I have just read part of the article and I just can’t read anymore Hypocrites.  If people didn’t watch it, didn’t bet on it, the racing industry would be finished. Auntie Susie The abuse inflicted on animals the world over never ceases to have the power to anger me. Surely there are more humane ways of ending these poor creatures’ days, rather than in some hell hole with crazed employees. Shame on them.

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