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Rita Kathleen Tuley, I absolutely adore Whitby and God is all powerful shirt travel there at least 6 times a year and spends weekends there. However, I would not risk or flout the guidelines just to go get fish n chips or sea the ocean. Whitby ain’t going anywhere. I will wait until safe to travel. Added bonus I live an hour away so not far to go. Stay safe everyone. Gary Ramsay As a motorcyclist myself I think they were rather stupid. The weather, even in Scotland, has been great for the last month and I’m champing at the bit to get out. But as we are all in lockdown it’s a no go at the moment. As others have said it may only have been two bikers but if we all thought like them thats were the problems start. It is very frustrating for all but hopefully, things will get better soon.

God is all powerful shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

God is all powerful shirt
God is all powerful shirt
God is all powerful shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Colin Campbell Lockdown means lockdown, the police need to get down to  God is all powerful shirt  Kelso in the Scottish borders 6 cyclists sitting in the square eating sandwiches, the place is as busy as a summers day, roads around town are constantly busy you can’t say it’s all essential travel, and not a policeman in sight if we want to win this fight with norovirus the Scottish government needs to get tough with people or we will never win. Jonathan Cork Suspect that if we are traveling more than 5 miles,(unless working) we r overstepping the mark. Nearest food stalls, doctors or pharmacy and check on vulnerable people. It’s pretty strict and easy to interpret. Hopefully, we will learn of new freedoms or least when we can expect them, Sunday I think? If they had said checking on a family member, but fish and chips! Day out

Jacquie Williams This annoys me so much. Why do these arrogant people think that rules don’t apply to them? I’m sure most of us would like nothing better than to go for a nice ride out. It’s a good job some of us are taking the lockdown seriously and considering vulnerable people. Mat Matalino All this talk of an accident putting extra strain on the NHS, the NHS is NOT under strain at all. It is working way under capacity right now. A&Es are less than half as busy as before. Wards and services closed, GP surgeries at less than half capacity. Sure those on the frontline dealing with actual Covid cases are at risk and working hard, but the NHS has never had it so easy.

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