The virus is Keith Hernandez Cat shirt so harmful that even Gods have to kneel and beg mercy for mankind Now who is more powerful than God because we need somebody to save us from this pandemic? Matter to be pondered statue actually stays 57m away for social distance all the time, so she doesn’t need a facemaskStatue of Liberty in New York, doesnt want a face mask, same with its people-they are aliens -virus are no match with them. Pretty sure they follow mask ordinances there anyway, without having psychopathic meltdowns and executing store clerks when asked to follow policies, like the deranged conspiracy lunatics here in the States! Dang, they have to pull themselves up along with a 77lb mask? Why not get a helicopter and go from top to bottom. They can give it an NBC suit if they have another nuclear meltdown, an umbrella in monsoon season, a candle, poem, and rainbow after a terror attack

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